Dental Therapies

Prof. Finotti Dental Centre carries out its activity through a team, an essential condition to ensure an effective, dynamic and high quality service. The constant update of the professionals and the use of innovative equipment of high technological content, allow to ensure the best performances in response to the needs of the single patient. Currently the dental staff of the Centre counts ten surgeons and specialized dentists, assisted by a staff of properly trained assistants.


Prof. Finotti Dental Centre is specialized in the application of the most modern computer-guided implant technologies, among which: immediate placement of dental implants all-on-four and all-on-six that allows the patient to obtain a temporary fixed prosthesis already after 4-36 hours from the surgery and it allows quick bone healing processes and implantology with flapless technique (minimally and non-invasive since it is flap free). (it continues….)

Treatment of pyorrhoea

Pyorrhoea (disease of the teeth’s support tissues) is a serious pathology that can be treated successfully nowadays. At Prof. Finotti Dental Centre, non-invasive therapies and bone reconstruction and tissue regeneration surgeries are performed. The latter allow patients with serious bone re-absorptions (equal to 60-70%) to obtain an excellent mastication level and the holding of the implant in position, for many years. (it continues…)


Lesions due to deep caries, granulomas, fractures that may require the devitalization of a tooth. At Prof. Finotti Dental Centre, the root canal therapy is carried out with the help of modern equipment in nickel-titanium, laser technology and constant use of the rubber dam, with the purpose to offer the patient utmost professionalism and a high comfort level. (it continues…)

Paediatric dentistry

At Prof. Finotti Dental Centre, the care of children’s teeth is entrusted to highly specialized doctors and nurses. The sealing of the molars (with the purpose to prevent caries), the care of caries with the aid of laser and safe sedation through nitrous oxide, the prevention of dental misalignments and dental malocclusions are important paediatric objectives for us. (it continues…)

Conservative therapy

Prof. Finotti Dental Centre treats caries through filling and inlays in resin or ceramic, allowing the complete functional recovery of the tooth and an optimal aesthetic result: the treated tooth assumes the same aspect as a natural tooth, avoiding encapsulation. The aid of the laser and rubber dam ensures an excellent quality standard and patient’s comfort. (it continues…)


At Prof. Finotti Dental Centre, the treatment of malocclusions and dental misalignments in adults and children is coordinated by four specialists of the University of Padova. The aesthetic and functional anomalies are treated with traditional and innovative (invisible) appliances and if needed, with orthodontic-surgical operations followed in each phase, at the Centre. (it continues…)

Invisible orthodontics

Prof. Finotti Dental Centre is certified for the Invisalign program. The invisible Invisalign appliance represents the most valuable novelty in modern orthodontics: constituted by clear elastic appliances called “aligners”, it offers an optimal aesthetic treatment, with the same efficacy of traditional methods. It also boasts the advantage to plan the treatment accurately (computer-guided) and since it can be removed, a better oral hygiene (it continues…)


It is the discipline that deals with the masticatory function, dental occlusion and more general pathologies related to said mechanisms: mandibular joints, cervical pains, headaches, sight and hearing disorders, vertebral and postural alterations, muscular neuralgias. At Prof. Finotti Dental Centre, specialized gnathologists collaborate with other branches of medicine for an inter-disciplinary activity. (it continues….)  


Dental prostheses have the task to rehabilitate the patient’s oral functions and correct aesthetic anomalies. Prof. Finotti Dental Centre offers a wide range of prosthetic solutions in response to any need of the patient: fixed, removable (partially or totally), combined prostheses, prostheses fixed on implants (implantology), porcelain veneers. The absolutely innovative materials allow to achieve remarkably natural results. (it continues…)

Dental aesthetic of the smile

The overall improvement of the smile depends on many factors: teeth, bone structure, gums, perioral skin. Prof. Finotti Dental Centre avails itself of the contribution of various specialists in facial aesthetics able to perform aesthetic dental reconstructions, reconstruction of bone and gingival tissues, professional teeth whitening, laser therapy to treat skin defects, anti-age bio-revitalizing treatments. (it continues…)

Oral surgery

The choice of the surgery is made in a transversal manner, in different branches of odontology. Prof. Finotti Dental Centre is specialized in periodontal surgery (regenerative surgery of the teeth’s support tissues); pre-implant surgery (bone reconstruction surgeries); maxillofacial surgery (correction of maxillary and mandibular anomalies). (it continues…)

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